Raspberry Melting Moments

August 30 2020 – Best Berries Admin

Raspberry Melting Moments

Raspberry Melting Moments

175gm Butter  - softened

¼ c Icing Sugar

1 c Gluten free flour

¼ c custard powder

30gm Best Berries Freeze dried Raspberry powder

100gm butter - softened

1c icing sugar

1/4c custard powder

Cookie Method

Cream Butter, Icing sugar and raspberry powder until a whipped texture

Sift in flour and custard powder

Mix together

Roll balls around 1 teaspoon each in size

Flatten with a fork onto a paper lined baking tray

Bake for 15 – 20 mins @180 degrees

Icing Method

Beat Softened butter with icing sugar and custard powder till thick icing texture

Cool off and sandwich together with icing.

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