About Our Berries

Strawberries are healthy!
Studies from around the world continue to show the positive effects that strawberries have on disease prevention, including cancer and heart disease, anti-aging, brain function and overall good health.

One serving of eight strawberries has more vitamin C than an orange and is packed with beneficial antioxidants and nutrients including potassium, folate and fiber. Data from the Women’s Health Study conducted at Brigham Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School has demonstrated a potential link between strawberries and the heart. 

A 2007 analysis of the study found that women who consumed a few servings of strawberries each week were less likely to have elevations in C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker associated with heart disease, in their blood.


We grow four varieties of strawberries, Camarosa, Ventana, Camino Real & Gaviota. These are not marketed by variety but if you look carefully you can see the difference – Camarosa are a broader flatter redder strawberry, Camino Real and Ventana are pointy heart shaped and a bit lighter in colour.

Our strawberries are available from September through to late February every year.

Wondering why we always say there will be less strawberries at Christmas?

This sounds like a cunning marketing ploy, but actually it's to do with the varieties grown in New Zealand.

Strawberries are thought of as a summer fruit, but really they're a spring fruit. Our production builds from Labour Weekend, peaking in late November and early December and then volumes start to drop from then so by Christmas we are producing less than we were in early December plus the demand has gone up.

So production is down by the time Christmas comes around, and that's just nature at work, and demand goes up in the days before Christmas.


We are all ‘GAP‘ certified, and follow strict guidelines for best agricultural practice. We wouldn't produce anything that we wouldn't feed to our families!

Found a bug in your strawberries? 

All our strawberries are grown outdoors so the they are sharing the environment with all sorts of insects. We aim to strike a healthy balance with our crop management so we're not dosing everything with pesticides, while we aren't organic this means from time to time you may find an insect in your strawberries.  Some people are a bit put out by this, but the alternative wouldn't be desirable either!

We always recommend quickly rising strawberries in water before eating them.

We have a range of delicious strawberries especially selected for any occasion.
Look for our brands in your nearest New World, Pak'n'Save or Four Square.


She is our premium top shelf large size juicy strawberry.

Hand selected and picked in the field, we only choose the biggest shiniest strawberries for punnets bearing the PrimaBerry brand.

Look out for prepacked PrimaBerry strawberries in selected New World or Pak'n'Save stores.


Strawbuddy has been a household name for over 20 years!

Our regular strawberries packed in our unique punnet that we designed to protect our strawberries so they reach you in the best condition possible.

Accept no imitations, if they are not in our triangle punnet with our labels, they aren't Best Berries!  


These strawberries just don't quite make the grade for Strawbuddy but it would be a waste to throw these away so we pack them into a special large pack just for you.    

They're perfect for smoothies, shakes, making jam or cooking.

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